Finding solutions to complex challenges
CUBE CONSTRUCTION joins this field with the mission of turning our customer's vision into reality. Our team with years of experience will always guarantee the quality of each project.
Architect Design
CUBE CONSTRUCTION provides design services based on customer's demand and perspectives. Based on the pre-feasibility report, we consult the essential elements and select the best architecture solution. CUBE make sure the project reaches the highest efficiency and is implemented on schedule with a reasonable budget.
Construction Management
CUBE consults client's projects with the role Representing the Owner. We monitor conformation on safety regulations at work, rules of the contract and occupational safety laws. Our experts adjust balance of 3 essential elements: the Quality (quantity, technical requirements), Timeline and Capital Investment.
Civil Works Construction
CUBE will take time to go to the site for investigate all of issues and measurement and to develops standardized process. With our highly responsible and well trained staffs, CUBE will base on the reality situation to propose the best design and construction for our client. We focus on the client's needs and try to turn their visions to reality with the best timeline and quality.